extract heat National and Crane. The equipment we offer is used in virtually any industry. From (heat transfer equipment cooling the process refrigerate to reduce capital cost. The term heat exchanger applies to all equipment used to transfer heat between two streams. However vertical. 304L stainless steel shell rated 90/fv psi at 300 deg F and -20 deg F at 90 psi. (1) 3/4'' diameter 316L stainless steel tube on a 1 1/4'' pitch x 35 turns rated 50/105 psi at 300 ...transfer equipment for exchanging heat from one fluid to another fluid. Such devices for efficient transfer of heat are generally called Heat Exchanger. Heat exchangers are normally classified depending on the transfer process occurring in them. General classification of heat exchangers is shown in the Figure 1.1.Basic heat transfer equation used to calculate required surface area. + Zirconium heat exchanger surface are required does not take into consideration using a higher pressure steam Click here for the Immersion Coil Reference Guide for sizing. Finned Coils. Tank Heating Coils. We can also fabricate with fintubes having the orientation of the fin in the direction of the convection currents in ...PAC (Poly-Aluminium Chloride) and FeCl3 (Iron Chloride) are both flocculants widely used in all kind of waste water treatment processes. PAC and FeCL3 process equipment. Both produced using batch reaction systems where standard anticorrosion equipment includes: graphite or SiC heat exchangersHeat Transfer Specialists of Louisiana